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Get the Guardianship
and Conservatorship Services
You Need

Helping the mentally ill, senior citizens, and others in need.

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Providing Dignity,
Care, and Compassion

ATS Guardianship Services, Inc. in Oak Park, Michigan provides third-party guardianship and conservatorship services for PWDs, the mentally ill, senior citizens, and other clients in need. We also provide representative payee services for every client. With our help, we hope that we can somehow make life easier for those who need our services.

We serve clients in Wayne County, Washtenaw County, and Oakland County, Michigan. Contact us today for more information.

About Our Business

ATS Guardianship Services, Inc. started in 2016 working with the Wayne County Probate Court system. We are on the trusted and vetted list of guardianship providers used in Wayne County. Our team was cultivated to advocate for our clients in a way that we had not seen in other companies. We are responsive to providers and work closely with treatment teams of all sort including social workers, medical providers, business offices and nursing homes.

Mission Statement

ATS Guardianship Services, Inc. will continuously strive to represent incapacitated individuals and the Wayne County Probate Court with the upmost respect by diligently examining the needs of our clients and meeting those in a timely, respectful, and professional manner. 

We see to it that each person represented by ATS Guardianship Services, Inc. finds living, financial, and medical situations in which they can thrive. We serve clients in Wayne County, Washtenaw County, and Oakland County, Michigan.

Vision Statement

We want to raise the standard of guardianship in the state of Michigan by building worthy relationships with our clients by becoming more invested in their life’s fulfillment.

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